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We are STEFAN LONCE and MH FRYBURG, and we are Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt’s “Calendrical Biographers.”   We spoke about our forthcoming book series, DRIVING WITH FDR: A CALENDRICAL BIOGRAPHY OF FRANKLIN + ELEANOR ROOSEVELT™ before an enthusiastic audience at the FDR Presidential Library’s Roosevelt Reading Festival, on 7-27-2013.


A CALENDRICAL BIOGRAPHY™ focuses on the critical dates in the subject’s life and explains why they mattered.  The CALENDRICAL BIOGRAPHY™ concept evolved from our self-published 2012 and 2013 DRIVING WITH FDR BIOGRAPHICAL/COLLECTIBLE CALENDARS™; you can buy our amazing 2014 DRIVING WITH FDR calendar here, on this web site, or at the FDR Library’s New Deal Store (in Hyde Park, NY) .


DRIVING WITH FDR: A CALENDRICAL BIOGRAPHY will inspire readers and make Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt relevant again; it could sell hugely… and forever change how biographies are written. There will be lots of lucrative DRIVING WITH FDR products: print books, e-books, audio-books, calendars, prints, posters, greeting cards, etc. I shall narrate the DRIVING WITH FDR/ ROOSEVELT ROAD TRIP documentary.


DRIVING WITH FDR explains that, although he couldn’t walk after polio paralyzed him from the waist down, FDR could drive… using hand controls he designed! I think that, If FDR had not been able to drive after he was paralyzed by polio, then he would not have gone back into politics and world history would have been different: Americans would not have Social Security and the other New Deal reforms, today…and Hitler would have won WW2.


FDR also had the first known vanity license plates, on his hand-controlled cars in Warm Springs, Georgia, where he founded a polio clinic; they said FDR. I learned about that while working on another book, LCNS2ROM – LICENSE TO ROAM: MY PERSONAL QU3ST 2 VANITIZE THE USA & CANADA2! – A BUSINESS MEMOIR™ -- about my personal quest to start a business selling books, calendars, greeting cards, posters, knick-nacks, etc., which all feature vanity plates.



Vanity plates have empowered 9,000,000 American motorists to tell GR8 [great!] stories, or to promote causes or organizations, like this one:


"Allison Masry is always with her husband, Rudolph, even when they're miles apart. That's because, in 2003, Ally donated a kidney to Rudy, who suffered from end-stage renal failure. Ally's vanity plate says DONOR, and Rudy's says DONEE."


Ally and Rudy have DONATE LIFE special license plates, which promote organ donations, and their plates have probably saved lives: the Masrys frequently persuade people who stop to talk with them about their plates to sign organ donation consent forms.


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